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About Us

We are a group of people who love their work, who work with passion and who always try to improve, to make you feel at home or close to it (we don't kiss you goodnight, however…)
The good results that we have achieved so far are due to the team spirit that prevails.

Enough !
Meet the members of the team:

Marco: owner (coach) – age 38
Born and bred to the hotel business, it is the cornerstone of my life and my family. My parents transmitted their passion for this wonderful work and I am committed to carrying on the tradition. I like to think of my Guests as Friends and I will do everything possible to make them happy.
My motto is "Ask, and it shall be given you… don't ask, and I'll give it to you anyway."

My Staff: Hand-picked, one by one. I have not just sought professionals, skilled at their work. I have looked for "people" with a passion, capable of transmitting this passion to all our Friends. If I have succeeded, let me know:
  • Marcello (playmaker, midfielder): the friend, the brains, the right arm, in short, the Hotel personified …with 20 years of experience (even though he's only 35…), he can solve any problem, find a solution for whatever you need.
  • Armando : chef. Cooking is his passion, an art form with which to astonish palates and satisfy every taste. Elegance and simplicity wrapped up in one person. You don't believe me? As the saying goes, "Seeing is believing..."
  • Alba (running back): chef's assistant (won't tell her age)…I'll tell you the rest: she is a rock, the kitchen would not exist without her.
  • Paola and Nada (our front line) : dining room waitresses – take the dictionary, look up the word "courtesy," draw a line through it and write their names instead. Because this is what they stand for: courtesy to the nth degree, charm and enthusiasm thrown in and an innate ability to fulfill your every wish.
  • Giovanna and Angela (defense) – steady ! – she has known me since I was small and I know her. She was my parents' strong right arm for years and now she is mine: the rooms are her domain and your satisfaction is her aim...
  • Claudio (he can only be the porter) : calling him the night porter is reductive and, in fact, that's not what I call him: he is a philosopher, a listener, a writer of detective novels (careful, you might end up in one of his books...). In any case, with him on duty, you can dream in peace.