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Our Rooms

Let's tell it like it is…that way there's no misunderstanding: if you are looking for a Hotel with new, modern and high tech rooms, well, this is not the place for you. So, don't bother to make a reservation in order to complain later…but, we do have rooms…and they're not bad at all!!! First of all, 24 of these rooms are absolutely similar to each other, spacious and light, with a nice balcony to sit and chat, take a sunbath, read, smoke or enjoy the view of our very beautiful hills (from the highest level).

Then, all these rooms are equipped with the essential requirement: A BED !!! comfortable, to welcome you with its always scented linen, will warm you in winter with its blankets, will make you relax, sleep or do whatever you want to do... in short, will pamper you !!! And there's air conditioning if you are warm, heating if you are cold, a mini bar if you are thirsty, television (and... surprise, this year are all new...) Sure, the furniture is Seventies, maybe VINTAGE (so fashionable right now), but we try to keep it neat and clean, and who knows, we might even try to up date it one of these days...

We have eight rooms with apparent beams under the eaves. Don't worry, they are not small, lugubrious and low ceilinged. Thanks to mid-height windows, they are light and airy, and anyway, you don't have to worry about hitting your head, because the ceilings are at least 1.90 metres high. If you are looking for a quiet interlude, the only noise that you'll hear is the rain, when it falls (romantic, no?), and affordable to suit your budget. No stinting on service... every room receives the same. The choice is up to you.

I almost forgot... all the bathrooms are new, recently rebuilt, equipped with hair dryers, and if anyone has any trouble getting into the shower (all standard measurements), well, we can just rebuild them again..

Let's be clear: These are our rooms. We don't sell what we don't have and we don't promise what we can't deliver. We only want to make you happy, and if we don't succeed, be our Guest... what more do you want, the keys to the Hotel?